Micro Hugs From The Tech Guy

One of the “older” residents of Second Life, Lomgren Smalls fills big shoes as our Technology Specialist….Here he tell us his story!

Lomgren 151003 MSABC

I’ve been in SL since early 2007 – I made some friends through a forum I joined way back then, and they really recommended I try it out.  It took awhile because I didn’t want to pay, but when Second Life started free accounts, I finally decided to give it a try.  I first attempted to log in back in January 2007… it was too laggy and nothing rezzed, which made me close the viewer in frustration!  I let it go for a while and tried again a couple of months later.  I’ve pretty much been active since, though I did have a year+ sabbatical.

At the end of the Relay For Life of Second Life FL year I attended a T1 Radio event and out of the blue Random Padar messaged me after looking at my profile.  She saw that I was a builder and scripter, and she told me that they were looking for a someone to help with fundraising tools for 2016.  She set up a meeting with Sting, and long story short, I volunteered myself to be the new Tech Guy for RFL of SL.  Since both RFL and Strides go to the American Cancer Society, it’s natural for the Tech Guy to work on both sets of tools, which is how I ended up on the MSABC committee.

Being the Tech Guy, I try to make sure the tools are working correctly.  It’s been a rough start, but I think we are finally there for Strides.  Of course, a Tech Guy’s job is never done!  Note that this is my first year being involved in Strides, so most of my anecdotes are from Relay for Life, but this won’t be my last!

My personal story is really why and how I got involved in helping RFL and the ACS in the first place. The Sunweavers held a major event to raise L$ right when we lost Artistic Fimicoloud, and it made a huge impact on me. I ended up joining the Passionate Redheads with many other Sunweavers, eventually becoming the lead campsite builder for them.  The campsites were all a team effort, as were all our events, and we were constantly trying to promote One Team.

Since then, I’ve lost several other friends and coworkers to various forms of cancer. Julie Apocalypse, the original queen of Bohemia in Tiny Empires was the second friend I lost, and I keep her memory alive.  The most recent was losing our our marketing director at  RL work due to colon cancer. Breast Cancer is yet another form of the demon we are all fighting, so it is my mission to help stamp it out however I can!

Please, everyone, don’t think that cancer can’t happen to you or your friends.  Get yourself checked out, take precautions, and listen to your doctor.  For you guys out there, DO check yourself out for breast cancer, because it CAN happen to you.

I have to give thanks to Sabine McGettigan, for still being an encouragement to this day, the Captain of the Passionate Redheads before we stopped Relaying together as a team.  For the Passionate Redheads in general – we are still together in spirit, even if we aren’t a physical team anymore.

For all of the Strides volunteers, already holding many events and supporting the cause – already past $1500 US and growing steadily!  And everyone else on the Committee this year, for getting things going and organized and generally being awesome and encouraging.  Leala, Ariel, Rowena, Cuddly… the list just goes on and on, and we couldn’t do it without everyone.  Such energy, such enthusiasm!

As the Tech Guy, if you have questions or troubles with the tools, please let me know.  I will do what I can to get it corrected!  Note that it will likely be in the afternoon/evening SL time before I can respond, as I don’t get home until 2:30-3 PM SL time, but I WILL do my best!

Lomgren, Thank you for all you do for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and your support of the American Cancer Society. It is people like you who make a difference in the lives of many! We appreciate your time, expertise and energy!