Non-Committee Event: Breast Opera Carmen (MSABC)

Foundation for Life presents

Breast Opera Carmen (MSABC)
Friday, October 9
1:30 pm slt
Grand Theatre, Foundation for Life

Carmen is one performance from Second Life abbreviated of the Opera de Georges Bizet, make for the Scenic Group Caliope/Diotima, with Aurora Aroita, Ana Oceanida and Susy Nayar in the principal theatrical characters and with Red Bikcin in charge of the general coordination. The during of the spectacle is around an hour, and have four acts, with a different theatrical set in each act.

An opera adaptation of “”Carmen”” by Georges Bizet will be presented at the Grand Theatre, Foundation for Life on 10 October.
The reduced version, fully assembled pear Foundation, the public will know the work of French composer in two-hour presentation.

For more information, please visit the Foundation for Life website.