The Dish on Sandie!

Sandie Loxingly is our 2015 PR Specialist & Social Media Specialist.

sandie 2cropped

Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to Second Life.

I first heard about Second Life through a conference at my real life job in 2005 but I did not join Second Life until April 2010. I have always been drawn to the fact that the internet allows us means to expand our world while still within the walls of your own home. I love exploring SL, seeing the creativity displayed and learning about others.

It takes a lot of time and energy to make a big event like this happen. Could you tell us how you became involved with MSABC across SL and your role on the committee?

I first became active as a volunteer for MSABC across SL 2011 season. Several of the people I worked with in SL at that time decided to hold some events to benefit MSABC across SL. We had fun while raising awareness and funds for Strides.

My first year on the Strides committee was last year, 2014. The season was tinged for me because right after kick-off, my mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. The next 5 weeks were a blur for me in RL, but my fellow committee members were so supportive and where there when I slowly made it back into SL more regularly after my mother passed away.

I am honored to once again have been chosen to be a part of the MSABC across SL committee and am looking forward to a successful 2015 season.

Do you have a personal reason or a story to share as to why you participate in Stride?

The first time I remember being affected by breast cancer was when my grandmother was diagnosed and subsequently had a partial mastectomy. I was one of her primary caregivers. She beat the cancer and was a 21 year survivor when she passed away from other medical issues.

Since cancer is prevalent on both sides of my family, the main reason I am an American Cancer Society volunteer is to reach a day when being diagnosed with cancer is a thing of the past or at the very least, something easily treatable.

Do you have a personal message you’d like to share? or a shout out to anyone?

Cancer cares nothing about who we are socially, economically, or globally. Each day we hear of someone else in one of our circle of family, friends & acquaintances who have received a cancer diagnosis and are adjusting to “the new normal”. How wonderful would it be if our “new normal” was a world without cancer? This is why I stride!