Our Gem of Outreach

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Gem Sunkiller is our Outreach and Group Specialist

I’ve been in Second Life for over 5 years,  I came because a good friend told me it was a place we could take our text role play to the next level.  I nearly quit inside of a week, just learning to walk was a challenge, but I stuck it out and here I am!

In 2011 a club I was working for held a month long Breast Cancer awareness event. I thought at the time that there had to be a more organized way to go about the      fundraising.  In 2012 I became familiar with Making Strides through my involvement with Relay For Life.  I was asked to distribute Strides kiosks that year, and have served in several capacities since then.  This year I am working as Outreach/Groups Specialist, it’s great because I get to do my    favorite thing, talk to people and groups.

I participate in Making Strides because I am determined do whatever I can to put an end to    cancers of all sorts.  I Stride in honor of my sister Marcia, a 6 year breast cancer survivor.  We share the same birthday, and thanks in part to advances made through research funded by the ACS, we have celebrated 6 more birthdays together.

Get your screenings, the earlier cancer is detected the greater the chance of successful  treatment.  Remind those you love to have those screenings too,  be vocal and raise awareness whenever you have the opportunity.  Through awareness we save lives.

A big shout out to all those who participate in Making Strides.  To those of you who have      planted kiosks since the early days of Strides in Second Life, and those just joining our campaign.  

Keep on doing what you do best.

Together we will finish this fight!!!