Shedding Light on Dark

Darkstone Aeon is our Infrastructure Specialist, Build& Entertainment Specialist. 

Profile Pic Darkstone Aeon1

I came into Second Life when my wife’s niece was telling us stories about how she used this strange world for her  English Classes. Her Students  would create avatars and write essays about their experiences.  I was fascinated. Of course the original Avatar was left since I couldn’t figure out how to get him out of Abranimations XXX rated animation area!!! That was in 2007- I finally tried again in 2008 and Stone was born!

For Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Across Second Life, I was  asked to take on the Entertainment Coordinator spot. I had a similar role for Relay Weekend in July and I guess someone liked my work. So here I am!

Uncle Leo was the first death in my family that I remember.  I was probably about 3 or 4…1958?…Guess you know  my age now!!. He was funny, good to me, funny and I remember being told he had stomach cancer. I had an aunt and her daughter died from breast cancer, another from lung cancer, a cousin and second cousin each from cancer and my father- in- law from breast cancer. My sister in law died after a three year fight from lung cancer. A friend last year died from brain cancer.

Cancer isn’t  a new disease – but it needs better treatments – it needs to be “cured”.  While I firmly believe we have created this monster with industrial and personal pollution of this planet- and while I think a stronger focus needs to be on cleaning up this mess we have made- to stop  the causes of cancer – we also need to help take care of those who are ill and give hope to those who fight this battle daily.

I do this because I can.  Perhaps one day I won’t be able to but I hope for each person I touch in this  life – any life – I hope they are able to carry  the message forward.

Dark…Thank you for your time, for all you do for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer a success and your support of the American Cancer Society. It is people like you who make a difference in the lives of many!