Otterly Awesome!

Here is the story of our resident otter and awesome Event Specialist, Rowena Dubrovna.

The otter

I started Second Life back in 2007 when I was researching how to roleplay Harry Potter! That same summer I saw Relay for Life, and I was sold! My Second Life journey has been mostly with Harry Potter roleplay and Relay for Life. I’ve also been a big fan and collector of Breedables! I’m also a proud member of the Strange World family 🙂

My journey with the American Cancer Society did not start in Second Life…I started participating in ACS fundraisers back in 2000 shortly after my grandfather died of cancer. I have done many things in real life that carry over into Second Life. For instance, I was the One year I was Activities Coordinator one and was in charge of the Auction. And I did co-Lead one year for a real life Relay! It just comes natural to me to assert my abilities the best I can to help the American Cancer Society raise as much money as they can. The goal? To slam the door on cancer’s face!

Too many people have been on the journey of life where they have to endure the wrath of cancer. My grandfather, my teacher, my close friends. I’m tired of watching this happen. Every single member of my family over the age of 50 has had cancer in some shape, including breast cancer, so I fight for my family.. and I fight for myself.

I am the Event Lead of Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. I make sure the events run by the Committee happen and happen smoothly with lots of success. I want to stress that this would not happen without my team. I am blown away at how successful we are working together as we spread the message that cancer has no place in our lives. Melodie Jigsaw, Sidonie Carlberg and Cuddly Waffle are the names you’ll see for the entire season- on the builds, the Think Pink Thursdays, and whatnot. They help keep me sane, and they help each other stay sane. If there was ever a team that works together as cohesively as this one does… Like I said, I’ve been doing Relay and ACS events like Strides since 2000. Never have I had such a wonderful team. Thank you Cuddly, Melodie and Sidonie– you make a difference, and I’m so proud of all the work we have done!

Thank you! Make sure you participate in whatever way you can. That may be hosting events, that may be attending events, or sponsoring for the Brazaar. However it may be, participate! Help us fight this beast! Remember, we have Think Pink Thursdays every Thursday of this month where you wear a specific piece of pink clothing… watch your notices!! We have Pink Sweetness where you can get roses delivered to a dear one, and we have How BraZaar, a weeklong event with all kinds of shopping! Stop on by!

If you ever have any questions, let me know!