Think Pink Thursday: SHOES!!

TPT October 22nd SHOESIt’s Thursday again!!! That means more Think Pink Thursday fun!!

This week the featured article of clothing is SHOES!!!

Show off your style with the pinkest shoes you can find in your inventory!! Don’t have any? We’ve got you covered! Special edition Think Pink Thursday shoes are on sale now! You can pick up yours either at the MSABC in SL office here or the special Think Pink vendor area set up for How BraZaar?! here.

All past week’s clothing is on sale as well- shirts, pants, and hat. Sizes available are- ladies, men, petites and child.

Don’t forget to send those full perm photos to Rowena Dubrovna (aka Otter) to be included in the special scrapbook that will be put together at the end of the 2015 Strides for Victory season.