Thank You To ALL Who Made It Possible!

pink-ribbon-think-pink-thank-you-cards_1_1_2The 2015 How BraZaar?! event is now closed, but the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in Second Life committee wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who helped make the week such an awesome success!!!

First, we would like to thank our wonderful sponsors!!
Gemstone Breedables
SKYY Games
Carrie’s LingerieMoonshadow Rising
Unique Obsession
Love Everlasting Plantpets
Star*Crossed Weddings
Bron’s Boutique
The Club
Society of Eros

Next, we need to thank Darkstone Aeon and Kammie2 Resident for their hardwork scheduling, coordinating and hosting 9 days of entertainment! Plus all of the additional hosts- Xyza Armistace, Cheyenne Paperclip, Camilagrace, Ladythornkgm and not to forget, Elayne Daivolo, who jumped in and kept everyone motivated to meet the challenges!

And speaking of the entertainment, those awesome 9 days of music, dancing, and performances would not have been possible without these wonderful people willing to donate their time to keep us all entertained while Making Strides Against Breast Cancer!

So thank you to the following Second Life performers!
DJ Nick
The Purple Man Group “Goes Pink”The Elysium Dancers
Dominoe Effect
Phil Setner
Urban Harvy
DJ Trader Whiplash
DJ Nuala Maracas
Stinna Celt
DJ Awesum
The Vinnie Show
Isabella Rumsford
The Misfit Dance Troupe
DJ Sandie Loxingly
Hedy Patrucci
Ricky Dennaro
CC Cammie Carver
DJ Elincd
Bart Hoorenbeek
The Funtastics Tribute to Lady Gaga
Lark Bowen
DJ Bronwen Jewell
DJ Robobby Skytower

And last but not least, we would like to say a special thanks to Rowena Dubrovna and her wonderful team of builders- Sidonie Carlberg, Cuddly Waffle, and Melodie Jigsaw to name a few-  for designing  and building the beautiful Strides sims for the How BraZaar?! and the 2015 Making Strides Walk.

Kudos to all who helped in any way big or small with this amazing event!