Non-Committee Event: Be Bop A Boobie!

beBopABoobie Poster_zpsl16jqcwwBe-Bop-A-Boobie Event at the 50s Housewife Clubhouse Community

It is with great joy and excitement to throw in our hat and dedicate our efforts with this lovely group and help raise awareness and money for the American Cancer Society Strides for Victory Against Breast Cancer going on in Second Life right now.

Aside from the stand alone kiosk that you may donate to that is located in our entrance, we were lucky to have creative teams within the group who own their own shops and create their own items take part and donate their own, one of a kind items just for this event with us. We were blessed to have Michael Riverdeep of Wing Dancer Autos not donate 1 car, but 3 cars! Each a one of a kind shade of pink with the steering wheel embossed with the familiar pink ribbon in the center. These vintage inspired autos are the envy of all who collect and live a vintage lifestyle. We also have several outfits from designers such as KAGA and my own shop, Hedonistic Housewife. Lastly we have a 1 of a kind, undergarment specially tinted in that beautiful blush pink we girls all go crazy for. All of the items are no copy but Trans so this will allow you to bid and be able to gift the item to someone close to you. You will not find these items for sale outside of this event.

The bids on the items have been running for a week and will come to an end on Oct 28th at 3pm during our Big Fundraising Dance set on our sim at the Sunset Pavilion, which will be decked out in all things PINK! You can’t miss it. Our sim is usually member only but for the event, we will open to the public all day to allow anybody to come in and bid on these items and join us as we salute the survivors, remember the victims and lift the spirts of those afflicted. We hope to see everybody there!

Check out the 50’s Housewife Clubhouse Community sim here.

For more information about the event, please visit the 50’s Housewife Clubhouse Community website here.