Non-committee event: SLCS Comic-Con Funday for MSABC


Join the SLCS, SLCC, and SLCS Spitfires and trainees for a SUPER party! Come dressed as your fav comic character and join the fight against breast cancer.

All proceeds benefit MSABC

Music, Dancing and Fun! Be here or be average!

Scheduled to appear:

9-10 a.m. SLT Lisa Brune

Lisa arrived in Second Life out of curiosity and since 2009 she listens and discovers artists who are making the treasures of the live performances in SL. Supported by her BF (RL and SL), Lisa started to sing in world in 2011. She was invited in venues from different communities (French, Italian, Norwegian, German, American). She sings mainly covers but Lisa keeps writing personal tunes as she did with  “Dry tears”, “Mon intru”, “Silence”…
The selection of songs is guided by crushes and meanings of lyrics. It is difficult to give a precise style with Lisa. The only common thread is the pleasure of the musical vibrations that she attempts to share with a voice full of emotion.

10-11 a.m. SLT Catboy Qunhua and Wy Nott

If you have ever been to Tuesday’s with Lauren then this two comics do not need any introductions.  However, for those that have not been you are going to be blessed with a treat.  Catboy and Wynott are two of SL’s premier comics and believe me you will not be disappointed when you

11 a.m. – Noon SLT Russell Eponym

RUSSELL shares the gift and talent of his exceptionally music, woven with a bit of historical folk tales along with his own lovely compositions. Lyrically beautiful and musically rich, the Russell Eponym sound invites the listener in. Sweet melodies and toe-tapping tunes showcase his unique finger-picking guitar style, his velvety voice, and his talents with the harmonica, banjo and even the kazoo! From dreamy love ballads to songs that will tickle your funnybone, Russell has them all. Add the delightful Eponymous family of friends who gather to enjoy his music, and you are in for a charming time indeed! Dance Intan and dance orbs for couples and singles are provided with modest clothes ON attire, Please!!

12-1 p.m. SLT  Hazie Moonwall

Join us for an hour of big fun. Hazie is mostly a rocker and spans from new rock to classic rock and even covers hair band rock. Come on down to the SLCS and start your Sunday afernoon off with some great music.

1-2  p.m. SLT Mark

MARK(SINGINGIT2YA) Mark loves the music he grew up with. The majority of what he perform is from that era. Now it is called “CLASSIC ROCK”. Mix in a few 70’s pop and that will be his show… Some laughs and smiles along the way… Aims to please every person, one and all. that comes to his show!!! A lil bit of this and a lil bit of that, never know what you might get… Just come on out and give it a listen and enjoy your stay and DO come back.

2-3 p.m. SLT   J Lively

She’s a singer/songwriter in RL as well as SL. She is one of the most talented singers on the grid even being selected in American Idol before. IShe plays the piano, guitar and the ukulele. J loves sharing her love of music with the world. She dabbles a bit in Oldies, Country, Rock, Pop, Indie.. .and also has her originals. Come out and have some fun … She’ll have you dancing and singing right along with her!

3-4 p.m. SLT   Krisie Snowdrop

Krisie is a small Town Canadian Lad
She loves loves Country, Jazz, Oldies, Pop and Rock. With her personal style and sweet voice, she warms the crowd! She sings her way through every day, in all her worlds!

4-5 p.m. SLT  Dude

Fedora is now dead.  Dude killed him and took his song list with him.  Dude is a top teir singer on the grid who is just starting his musical comeback. However, trust me Dude is a singer who will knock your socks off.  So come on down for a rocking hour of music on the grid.

5-6 p.m. SLT   Rod Hyx

Rod comes to us live from West Palm Beach, FL.  His performances in Second Life are acoustic and electric along the lines of classic rock and blues.  His voice is deep and smooth and shows just how much he loves to sing.  In RL, Rod does several open mics and really loves to get people up and dancing. Rod is in a band called RH Factor and can be seen on the band website  ( the one with the hat playing lead guitar on the left. ) Come listen sometime and enjoy the show 🙂

6-7 p.m. SLT   Tallyesin

UK singer-songwriter and guitarist Tallyesin
[18:11] Charlize Bellic:  is one of SL’s premier performing artists. His soothing yet powerful voice will be sure to give you a musical experience you won’t forget. Tally covers original acoustic styles like Ed Sheeran and James Bay, to more unconventional acoustic music such as Calvin Harris and Bastille.

7-8p.m. SLT   Phemie Alcott

Phemie Alcott started performing in SL in about June of ’07. She loved it from the start. A perfect place to hone her solo songwriting skills, it was a perfect match. Before that, Phemie played in bands from high school on including a 4 year stint in a professional alternative rock band that worked fulltime. After acquiring a degree in Music Ed and Voice Performance, Phemie has looked to writing music as a way to fully express her musical passion. She loves the people of SL and their open minded attitudes toward originals. She plans to continue to write and sing and play and better herself along the way.

8-9 p.m. SLT   DJ Dione

Dione is one of the the squad’s favorite djs and for legitimate reason. The girls have attempted to stump Dione on music before to no avail. Dione will always come thru on the requests whether it be Pop 40 or Classic Rock or even Parody songs. Dione likely has the song you are looking for.