Sponsor Spotlight: Azul


-AZUL- is a Japanese based store and on of the oldest established Fashion Brands in SL (Est. ca 2007). It offers fashion forward collections specialising in Vintage Mesh & Retro Flexible Prims.

They took time out to talk with us.

Question: What lead to your becoming a sponsor this year?

Answer: Many years ago, I lost my aunt because of cancer. My mother also had cancer but she managed to survive.

Cancer if a scary disease for me and although many people manage to survive nowadays, I still think there is a lot to be done and I really want to help. So, becoming a sponsor this year was my way of expressing my support for this cause and my deepest wish to raise awareness as well as fight this disease.

Q: Tell us what inspires your creations.

A: I’m afraid, I can’t be very specific on this question, because I actually get inspired by almost everything I see or hear. Music does inspire me a lot, but in the end I design my own interpretation of what I see and hear.

Q: How do you keep up with the latest trends in Second Life? How have any major changes in second life affected your business?

A: Honestly, I do try to create what people want where I can, but in most cases I add my own ‘touch’ to my designs. I cannot release something I don’t personally like, if that makes sense 🙂

As far as changes is concerned, the introduction of mesh and mesh bodies affected my business to a certain degree. However, just like in Real Life, I needed to be flexible and adapt to the changes as I wanted -AZUL- to continue existing. It was tough, but in my view, the key was embracing the changes, finding interest in those and looking for those points that would actually help me take -AZUL- a step further.

Q: Any advice to any other budding business owners in second life?

A: From my personal experience, I am fully aware how difficult it is to start a business. Especially these days that there are several talented and skilled creators, it might be even more difficult. However, if you have a deep interest and passion for what you create, then fight for it! That means, do not have fear of trying and failing and do not let the failures pull you down. Step on your feet and try again! Also, you will meet several people along the way; be careful in all your business relationships and choose wisely who you choose to work closely with.

Q: Tell us about your shop or display at the 2016 Blossoms Of Hope Showcase for MSABC. Any new and exciting items you are bringing? Are you participating in the Blossoms of Hope hunt?

A: Well, I am going to be donating 100% of proceeds of two of my best-selling designs. The colours of these two creations are exclusive to the 2016 Blossoms Of Hope Showcase for MSABC and I really hope people will like them.

I do not participate in the hunt, but I have chosen to provide a raffle prize and a One-of-a-Kind gown for the the auction.

Just like the donation items, the colours of these other two designs are also limited to the 2016 Blossoms Of Hope Showcase for MSABC and they won’t be found at my main store after the event finishes.

Q: What is something we can look forward to in 2017 from you?

You will have to forgive me for not being able to give this one away, but I can promise you that -AZUL- will be taking a new direction in 2017! I hope you stay tuned 🙂

A: Is there any you would like to add?

I would just like to thank you for allowing -AZUL- to be part of the 2016 Blossoms Of Hope Showcase for MSABC.

Highlighted 100% items:



Name: -AZUL- Esther /Sugilite

Description: -AZUL- Esther is a rather sexy yet elegant design which features a draped plunging neckline and a revealing, low cut back. Golden choker and bangles are also included. This -AZUL- creation in a silky, sugilite shade is sold exclusively during The Blossoms of Hope Showcase event.


Name: -AZUL- Sadie /Topaz

Description: -AZUL- Sadie is a beautiful, cocktail dress with 2 options in colour. The black neck belt corset is part of the dress and that cheeky flexi flare adds the unique -AZUL- touch to it. -AZUL- Sadie in the limited, topaz colour is sold exclusively during The Blossoms of Hope Showcase event.

Special items:

Raffle Item:


Name: -AZUL- Roshan /Iolite

Description: -AZUL- Roshan is one of the newest creations of Mami Jewell. This design is made of an ornamental lace bodice and a lovely, sheer skirt; opaque panties are also included. The package contains also a matching collar which can also be work separately. The Iolite shade of the -AZUL- Roshan design is the prize for the raffle winner.

One Of A Kind Auction Item:


Name: -AZUL- Sofia /Sakura

Description: -AZUL- Sofia is a very popular, elegant design of Mami Jewell. This lovely, satin gown features a flowery lace upper part in combination with a separate mesh cape which adds a delicate touch of black to the overall look. The package includes also flexible skirt parts as well as a matching, cute head bow in lace and satin. The -AZUL- Sofia design in this beautiful sakura shade is auctioned as a one-of-a-kind gown.