Sponsor Spotlight: Wild Orchid


SuzanneMichelle was gracious enough to take the time to sit down to answer our questions.

Question: What lead to your becoming a sponsor this year?
Answer: Every year, Wild Orchid participates and sponsors varies charitable functions in Second Life.  Most notably are events and organizations that have touched my life on a personal level or that have significance in the lives of Wild Orchid clients.   This year, we have selected the Blossoms of Hope in recognition of the efforts and passion invested by so many to raise awareness and of course funding for this good cause.

Q: Tell us what inspires your creations.
A: I have made some amazing relationships with so many Wild Orchid clients & friends that my main source of inspirations comes from their feedback and suggestions.  I am proud of all my original designs, but what makes them stand out as a ‘cut above’ are that often times they include elements influenced by input from those who wear them and make them look so amazing!

Q: How do you keep up with the latest trends in Second Life? How have any major changes in second life affected your business?
A: Again, always staying in touch with those who actually use them.  A great relationship with my clients gives me insight into the changing style trends and changes within Second Life.  Long before the popularity of mesh bodies, it was a Wild Orchid client who first came to me to ask for help fitting one of my designs to this new item she just purchased called a ‘mesh body’.   Fast forward a few years and today it’s the norm.  This happens frequently as SL is constantly evolving…  It’s great to be apart of that process.

Q: Any advice to any other budding business owners in second life?
A: Stay the course and don’t give up!   Everything moves fast on Second Life except for building a good business.    It takes time and dedication.   There will always be challenges that come your way and always be someone out there trying to knock you down…. that’s life.   If you do your best, be true to your values and don’t ever give up, you’ll do just fine.

Q: Tell us about your shop or display at the 2016 Blossoms Of Hope Showcase for MSABC. Any new and exciting items you are bringing? Are you participating in the Blossoms of Hope hunt?
A: We plan on showcasing the depth, quality and variety of items available thru Wild Orchid.  There will be many new items to view, there will be models on hand to wear the many designs on display for those who wish to see them and we will be proving some exciting packages for the auction in hopes of encouraging those participating to jump in and be apart of raising funds for this year’s event.

Q: What is something we can look forward to in 2017 from you?
A: In the near term, I am most excited about this year’s holiday shop.   Big plans coming for a wide range of attire specifically designed for the holiday season!    Stay tuned and stop by during the holidays to have a look at all the many items available this year!

Special Items:

One of a Kind Auction


Exclusive item:

This item/package is a Blossoms of Hope exclusive item and includes the Blossoms of Hope formal gown (for standard Sl avis plus appliers listed for mesh bodies)

AND Includes a $1250L Wild Orchid Gift Card
Retail Value is over $7,500L

Silent Auction


This item/package includes the gown called :Diamond Tears Supremo and includes 4 styles in this color scheme AND also a $1250L Wild Orchid Gift Card.

Retail Value is $2,800L

*** The gift cards included with these packages are NOT normally included in the sale of my items and only added to enhance the auction value and help the event raise more funds.

The gift cards allow the winner to return to Wild Orchid and choose from over 700 items in store.