Can Warthin tumor become malignant?


Is warthin tumor neoplastic?

Warthin tumor is a relatively frequent and benign neoplasm of the major salivary glands.

How is a warthin’s tumor removed?

Therefore, we recommend that enucleation is a useful choice as a surgical procedure for the removal of Warthin’s tumor after accurate detection of the tumors using MRI. The overall incidences of temporary and permanent facial nerve palsy were 19.7% and 0%, respectively.

Can warthin’s tumor hurt?

Warthin’s tumor occurs frequently in parotid glands and their lymph nodes, occasionally in minor salivary glands. WT is located in the tail lobe or deep lobe of parotid gland9. Classic clinical presentation is a slow-growing painless mass, although a few cases can cause pain or exhibit rapid growth21.

Do benign parotid tumors have to be removed?

Treatment of Salivary Gland Tumors

If you have a benign tumor, your doctor may recommend surgical removal to prevent it from becoming malignant over time. A benign tumor in the parotid gland can be removed using a surgical procedure called a partial superficial parotidectomy.

How fast does a warthin tumor grow?

Warthin’s tumours appear to have an approximate average doubling time of 9 years, but can have a wide range of growth rates, with many cases showing a reduction in size.

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Can warthin tumors metastasize?

Uniquely, among benign lesions of the parotid gland, it can be seen bilaterally in 7–10% of cases. Very rarely, Warthin’s tumor can also mimic malignant or metastatic disease by presenting within cervical lymph nodes.

Can a parotid tumor grow back?

Recurrent parotid tumors unfortunately regrow after initial treatment, requiring further surgery. Repeat surgery increases both the chances of facial paralysis and facial cosmetic deformities.

How fast do parotid tumors grow?

Doctors also give salivary gland tumors a grade of 1 to 3 that measures how fast the cancer cells seem to be growing: Grade 1 (low-grade) cancers have the best chance of being cured. They grow slowly and don’t look much different than normal cells. Grade 2 cancers grow moderately fast.

Which salivary gland tumor is associated with smoking?

We also observed a significant increase in the incidence rate for Warthin’s tumor (p = 0.041) but not for other salivary gland tumors. We conclude that Warthin’s tumor is strongly associated with cigarette smoking and that the incidence rate is increasing.

What happens when parotid gland is removed?

Permanent damage is possible but usually occurs in only the most difficult cases. Depending on the branch of the nerve that is damaged you may experience: • Weakness of the lower lip, leading to a slightly crooked smile. Weakness of the eyelids, making it difficult to keep the eye closed.