Frequent question: Is Texas Oncology a non profit?

Is Texas Oncology owned by US Oncology?

Texas Oncology is affiliate of The US Oncology Network, one of the nation’s largest networks of integrated, community-based oncology practices dedicated to advancing high-quality, evidence-based cancer care.

Is Texas Oncology part of McKesson?

Texas Oncology, supported by McKesson Specialty Health, and Baylor Health Enterprises, an affiliate of Baylor Health Care System, are collaborating to develop a proton therapy facility in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Is Texas Oncology an IDN?

Examples of provider networks include Joslin Diabetes Center and Texas Oncology. Some familiar IDNs include The Mayo Clinic, The Cleveland Clinic, Partners Healthcare, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Geisinger Health System.

Who founded Texas Oncology?

How many practices are on US Oncology?

Practice Stories

More than 1,380 physicians across the nation have discovered the many benefits of joining The US Oncology Network. See why physicians are excited to be part of The Network, and learn how our oncology practice management solutions help them deliver value-based cancer care and achieve practice success.

How many locations does Texas Oncology have?

With more than 500 physicians caring for patients in 210 locations across the state, Texas Oncology is right here for you, wherever you may be.

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Does McKesson own US Oncology?

McKesson Corp., a healthcare services and information technology company, has completed its acquisition of US Oncology, a company that serves one of the nation’s largest networks of community-based oncologists.

What is Texas Oncology PA?

Texas Oncology is a network of 460+ physicians and oncology specialists who provide advanced treatment options (technology, clinical trials, and research) to cancer patients in underserved rural and urban communities throughout Texas, with one office in New Mexico and one in Oklahoma.

How do I file a complaint against a Texas oncologist?

Complaint Process

If you’ve contacted Texas Oncology about a privacy-related concern and you do not believe your problem has been addressed, you may file a complaint by calling the Texas Oncology general number at (800) 758-7608 and asking for the Privacy Officer.