How does Aflac cancer policy pay?

How much does Aflac pay for cancer?

Hospital Confinement Benefit Aflac will pay $300 per day when a covered person is confined to a hospital for treatment of cancer and is charged for a room as an inpatient. Benefits increase to $600 per day beginning with the 31st day of continuous confinement.

How much does Aflac pay for cancer wellness benefit?

CANCER SCREENING WELLNESS BENEFIT: Aflac will pay $40 (A-75100-FL) or $75 (A-75300-FL) per calendar year when a charge is incurred for one of the following: mammogram, breast ultrasound, Pap smear, ThinPrep, biopsy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, hemocult stool specimen, chest X-ray, CEA (blood test for colon cancer), CA 125 …

Does Aflac cancer policy have a waiting period?

This rider contains a 30-day waiting period. If a Covered Person has Internal Cancer or an Associated Cancerous Condition diagnosed before coverage has been in force 30 days from the Effective Date, you may, at your option, elect to void the rider from its beginning and receive a full refund of premium.

Does Aflac pay you directly?

Aflac Supplemental Insurance pays you (unless assigned otherwise) cash after a covered claim has been successfully submitted and processed. That cash can then be spent however you see fit.

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Is MRI covered by Aflac?

Major Diagnostic Exams Aflac will pay $200 if a covered person requires one of the following exams for injuries sustained in a covered accident: CT (computerized tomography) scan, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), or EEG (electroencephalogram). … Treatment must take place within six months after the accident.

Does my Aflac cancer policy have a death benefit?

Cancer-Related Death Benefit Aflac will pay $5,000 when a Covered Person suffers a Cancer-Related Death.

Does Aflac pay for doctor visits?

A. PHYSICIAN VISIT BENEFIT: Aflac will pay $25 when a Covered Person incurs a charge for a visit (including a Telemedicine Visit) to a Physician, Psychologist, or Urgent Care Center. Services must be under the supervision of a Physician or Psychologist.

How long do you need to have Aflac before filing a claim?

How long do I have to file a claim? A. There is a one-year timely filing provision in your certificate.

Does Aflac cancer policy cover mammograms?

MAMMOGRAPHY AND PAP SMEAR BENEFIT: Aflac will pay $100 per calendar year when a charge is incurred for an annual screening by low-dose mammography for the presence of occult breast cancer, and Aflac will pay $30 per calendar year when a charge is incurred for a ThinPrep or an annual Pap smear.

Can I get a cancer policy after diagnosis?

You may not be able to get cancer insurance if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. Some companies will deny you cancer insurance coverage if you have cancer or had it in the past. “It may not be obtainable if you have already been diagnosed with a cancerous condition.

What does Aflac consider a pre-existing condition?

PRE-EXISTING CONDITION LIMITATIONS: A “Pre-existing Condition” is an illness, disease, infection, disorder, or injury for which, within the 12-month period before the Effective Date of coverage, medical advice, consultation, or treatment was recommended by or received from a legally qualified Physician, or for which …

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What does a cancer policy pay for?

What does cancer insurance cover? Cancer insurance can help you handle medical plan deductibles, co-pays and other out-of-pocket costs; non-medical expenses such as transportation to treatment facilities; even everyday living expenses such as groceries, rent and mortgage payments.