Is imiquimod a chemotherapy cream?

How does imiquimod cream work on skin cancer?

How does imiquimod work? Imiquimod works by stimulating the immune system to release a number of chemicals called cytokines, which are important in fighting viruses and destroying cancer cells. When used to treat skin cancers and pre-cancerous lesions it results in inflammation, which destroys the lesion.

What class of drug is imiquimod?

Imiquimod is in a class of medications called immune response modifiers. It treats genital and anal warts by increasing the activity of the body’s immune system. It is not known exactly how imiquimod cream works to treat actinic keratoses or superficial basal cell carcinoma.

How long does it take for imiquimod cream to work?

Aldara should not be used for more than 16 weeks at a time. It usually takes 8-10 weeks for your warts to disappear but warts may clear as early as 4 weeks. If your warts reappear, talk to your doctor.

Do you rub in imiquimod?

Rub it in gently. Allow the medicine to stay on the treated skin for 8 hours (for actinic keratosis or basal cell carcinoma) or 6 to 10 hours (for genital warts). Do not take a bath, swim, or get the treated area wet during this time.

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How do I know imiquimod is working?

When using imiquimod to treat AKs or skin cancer, your skin should react. You may have redness, swelling, burning, itching, and tenderness. As the skin starts to heal, you will see scabs and flaking. These reactions indicate that the medicine is working.

Who should not use imiquimod?

Do not use imiquimod topical for genital warts on a child younger than 12 years old. All other uses of this medication are for adults over 18 only.

Does imiquimod damage healthy skin?

What are the common side effects of imiquimod cream? Within 3 to 5 days, the skin treated with imiquimod cream can get red and sore. Even normal looking skin may be affected, because it may contain invisibly abnormal cells. The skin may weep, peel, crack or even blister and then scab over.

What happens if you use too much imiquimod?

Using too much imiquimod topical or using it for too long can increase your risk of severe skin reactions. Do not use two different forms of imiquimod topical on the same treatment area. Read and carefully follow any Instructions for Use provided with your medicine.

What happens if I use imiquimod everyday?

Two patients from the imiquimod twice-daily, 7-day dosing group reported severe application site reactions, 1 with pain at the target site and 1 with tenderness, stinging, and pain at the target site. One patient from the once-daily, 7-day group reported severe tenderness at the target site.

How long does it take for skin to heal after using imiquimod?

If imiquimod works for your condition, your skin usually gets red and sore before it gets better. The redness and soreness should settle about 2 weeks after stopping the treatment. If used for sun-damage, the skin will eventually appear much smoother.

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How effective is imiquimod cream?

Of those patients whose warts disappeared while using 5% imiquimod cream, 44% were clear by 8 weeks of therapy and 69% were clear by 12 weeks. Seventy-seven percent of women and 40% of men using 5% imiquimod cream experienced complete wart clearance.

Is chemo cream the same as chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is an anti-cancer treatment used to destroy cancer cells. Chemotherapy cream or lotion can be applied directly onto the skin cancer. This is called topical chemotherapy. Usually a drug called fluorouracil (Efudix®) is used to treat some early superficial basal cell carcinomas (BCCs).

Does chemo cream leave scars?

It will leave a scar, and the treated area may have less color after treatment.