Quick Answer: Can a ferritin blood test detect cancer?

What cancers cause elevated ferritin levels?

In addition to breast cancer, the serum ferritin level has also been found to be elevated in patients with lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, colorectal cancer, leukemia, and lymphoma, and the level was closely associated with the prognosis.

What does a ferritin blood test check for?

Ferritin is a blood protein that contains iron. A ferritin test helps your doctor understand how much iron your body stores. If a ferritin test reveals that your blood ferritin level is lower than normal, it indicates your body’s iron stores are low and you have iron deficiency.

Can cancer affect ferritin levels?

Serum ferritin and colorectal cancer

The random-effects meta-analysis results indicated that patients with colorectal cancer had lower serum levels of ferritin than the healthy controls (SMD=-1.569, 95% CI=[-2.718, -0.420], P=0.007).

How do I get my ferritin levels down?

A complementary strategy that may help lower ferritin levels in people with hemochromatosis is following a diet lower in iron but high enough in nutritious foods. Fiber, green tea, and coffee might also lower iron absorption in people with iron overload.

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What level of ferritin is too high?

Many laboratories consider serum ferritin levels greater than 200 ng/mL in women and greater than 300 ng/mL in men to be abnormal.

What does a ferritin level of 4 mean?

4/4. The lower-than-normal serum ferritin levels are seen in iron deficiency. Iron deficiency anemia is the result.

What is the ideal ferritin level for a woman?

The normal range for ferritin in your blood serum is: 20 to 250 ng/mL for adult males. 10 to 120 ng/mL for adult females, 18 to 39 years. 12 to 263 ng/mL for females, 40 years and older.

Is ferritin a cancer marker?

Ferritin is another commonly used clinical cancer biomarker, as cancer may alter the whole body iron metabolism, occasionally reflected in the change of the serum ferritin levels (25,26). The above-mentioned tumor markers exhibit various sensitivities against various types of cancer.

Does low ferritin mean bowel cancer?

Ferritin was assessed in a few studies for the diagnosis of gastrointestinal cancer, and revealed that 10% of 143 patients with a ferritin less than 50 mcg/L had gastrointestinal cancer [16]; in two patients without anaemia, a low ferritin (<18 mcg/L) actually lead to the discovery of colon cancer [17]; and in 414 …

Does iron feed cancer cells?

The iron boosts the production of free oxygen radicals which cause oxidative stress and, thus, cause damage to the cancer cells and induce their death. Healthy cells with their low iron level, however, survive the treatment unharmed.

What are the symptoms of low ferritin?

Low ferritin levels

  • unexplained fatigue.
  • dizziness.
  • chronic headaches.
  • unexplained weakness.
  • ringing in your ears.
  • irritability.
  • leg pains.
  • shortness of breath.
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What does low ferritin feel like?

If your ferritin levels are too low, you may feel fatigued and run down. Fatigue can often be linked to inadequate iron in the blood. And since ferritin is a marker of long-term iron intake, it’s perfect for determining whether that worn-down feeling can be linked to your diet.