What is a synchronous cancer?


What does synchronous mean in cancer?

Synchronous cancer is defined as two or more neoplasms identified simultaneously in the same patient or a second tumor identified up to six months after the initial diagnosis.

What is the difference between synchronous and metachronous?

Synchronous cancers were defined as those occurring within 6 months of the first primary cancer, while metachronous cancers were defined as those occurring more than 6 months later (12). Overall survival was defined as the time from first primary cancer diagnosis to death (of any cause).

What are synchronous metastases?

“Synchronous metastasis” and “synchronous second carcinoma”were defined as the diagnosis of a distant metastasis or second carcinoma together with or within a three-month interval of the diagnosis of the primary colon cancer. “Metachronous”was defined as an occurrence after a period of three months postoperatively.

Can you have 2 unrelated cancers?

A second cancer is a new cancer that’s unrelated to any previous cancer diagnosis. It’s a completely different type of cancer. Sometimes the new cancer is in the same organ or area of the body as the first cancer.

What is Oligometastatic?

Listen to pronunciation. (AH-lih-goh-meh-TAS-tuh-sis) A type of metastasis in which cancer cells from the original (primary) tumor travel through the body and form a small number of new tumors (metastatic tumors) in one or two other parts of the body.

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What does the term synchronous mean?

1 : happening, existing, or arising at precisely the same time. 2 : recurring or operating at exactly the same periods.

What does metachronous mean?

Medical Definition of metachronous

1 : not functioning or occurring synchronously the metachronous beating of cilia. 2 : occurring or starting at different times metachronous cancers of the large bowel — Journal of the American Medical Association.

What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous virtual instruction?

Synchronous learning is interactive, two-way online or distance education that happens in real time with a teacher, whereas asynchronous learning occurs virtually online and through prepared resources, without real-time teacher-led interaction.