You asked: Is Ketu Mahadasha good for Cancer ascendant?

Which DASA is good for cancer ascendant?

– Now, Maraka Houses for Cancer Ascendant can get activated during dasha of Sun or Saturn or of any planet which is in 2 nd house/Leo or 7 th house/Capricorn. Also, the dasha of lord of sign/nakshatra in which Sun or Saturn is placed will activate them and maraka dasha.

Which planet is good for cancer ascendant?

Auspicious planets Cancer Ascendant: Moon and Mars are the most beneficial and auspicious planets for a Cancer rising sign. Moon rules the ascendant while Mars owns the 5th and 10th houses – one is trikona and the other a kendra. The neutral planets are Sun, Venus, Rahu and Ketu.

Who is Lord of 9th house for Cancer ascendant?

Jupiter for Cancer Ascendant in 9th House Lord:

Pisces is ruled by JUPITER hence JUPITER will be the lord of this house.

Is Karka Lagna good?

Best suited for commercial career, they can not tolerate dishonesty in business etc. They accumulate wealth by dint of their own hard efforts. Good husbands and wives are born in Cancer ascendant. They are devoted to domestic life, to husbands, to wives sincere and sympathetic.

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Is Ketu malefic for Cancer ascendant?

In Cancer ascendant, Jupiter becomes a functional malefic planets along with Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. When Moon comes in conjunction with Jupiter in 6th, 8th or 12th house, it will have adverse results than good results since Jupiter rules the 6th house of disease for the native.

What does having a Cancer rising mean?

With Cancer rising, you are sensitive and kind, but wary of those you first meet. You like to feel out a situation before deciding exactly what to do. It usually takes a while before you drop your guard. In fact, many Cancer rising people lead lonely lives because of this sensitivity.

Who is Lord of 9th house?

Saturn – Saturn also can be 9th house ruler through its two signs. In either sign (Capricorn/Aquarius) as 9th house lord, Saturn in 9th house (for Gemini/Taurus Ascendants respectively) surely indicates Higher Learning or Guru will come with delay in life.

Is Saturn good for Cancer ascendant?

The native with Saturn in 1st House for Cancer Ascendant is fortunate, religious and influential and has a long life. … The native with Saturn in 1st House for Cancer Ascendant is selfish and avaricious and shows their carelessness. The native gains some respect in government and leads a satisfying family life.

Is Rahu good in cancer?

Generally, Rahu is regarded as the most responsible planet but Saturn and Mars also capable of producing cancer. The following combinations have potential to produce cancer: 1 Rahu is regarded as poison.

How do you know if Rahu is good or bad?

If Rahu is sitting in a triangular position or in the center along with the lord of the specific house, it has a higher impact on the natives. Rahu gets stronger during its positioning in 6th, 3rd and 11th houses. In the case of alignment with auspicious Lord, Rahu provides amazing results.

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