Landscape architects unveil plan to revitalize urban park, prioritizing community engagement

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Landscape architects in Atlanta have unveiled plans to revitalize a park in a low-income neighbourhood that has been neglected for investment and resources. The plan includes elements of sustainable design, such as permeable paving, rain gardens and native plantings, as well as renewable energy sources, to reduce the carbon footprint of the park. The design team is also working with…

Mapping the Mysteries of the Amazon Rainforest: New Studies Reveal Unique Biodiversity Hotspots

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New studies of the Amazon rainforest have identified previously unknown hotspots of species richness, helping to shed light on its biodiversity and offer hope for the conservation of this vital ecosystem. High-resolution satellite imagery has allowed scientists to identify areas with the highest levels of biodiversity, and identify areas with high levels of biological and ecological importance. The discovery of…

New study reveals unexpected mineral composition in Earth’s mantle

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Researchers at the University of Bayreuth in Germany, in collaboration with colleagues in Japan and the United States, have discovered a new mineral in the Earth’s mantle called Grossite, which is made up of calcium and aluminum with a high melting point. This is the first time the mineral has been identified in the Earth’s mantle, and its discovery could…

Organic Farming Gains Popularity Among Younger Generation

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Organic farming is increasingly popular due to concerns around the environment and sustainability. Pesticides and fertilisers used in conventional farming can leave residues on food, which are avoided through natural methods, such as crop rotation and companion planting. Organic farming also encourages the wellbeing of animals, resulting in higher levels of nutrients found in organic fruits and vegetables. Despite organic…

Massive Tornado Strikes Midwest, Causing Devastation and Chaos

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A powerful tornado swept through the Midwest, causing destruction and damage across several towns and cities, including Lawrence and Kansas City in Kansas. The tornado damaged buildings, uprooted trees, and threw cars around like toys. Power outages also affected thousands of residents. Emergency crews, the National Guard, and volunteers have been working around the clock to assess the damage and…

The Mysterious Origins of the Mammoth Unveiled

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Scientists are uncovering new clues that shed light on the origins of the mammoth, which was once a creature of mystery and intrigue. Through genetic analysis of DNA samples collected from mammoth remains, scientists have been able to determine that mammoths are actually a distinct species from elephants, more closely related to Asian elephants than African elephants. Scientists have also…

Survival of the Fittest: How Natural Selection Shapes Our World

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Natural selection is the process by which species change over time to better adapt to their environment, driven mainly by the survival of the fittest. Natural selection is the primary mechanism behind the diversity of life on the planet, adaptation, disease resistance, and human evolution. It occurs at the genetic level, where advantageous traits are passed down from one generation…

Rising sea levels threaten coastal natural reserves

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Coastal natural reserves, which provide habitats for marine and bird species and are listed as heritage sites by UNESCO, are threatened by rising sea levels due to climate change. As the sea levels rise, the habitats and infrastructure such as roads and buildings will disappear, which could affect tourism and fishing communities. Proposed solutions include constructing sea walls, restoring wetlands…

1) Protecting Biodiversity: A Global Call to Action

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Protecting biodiversity is a critical global issue, as human activities such as pollution, land-use changes, and climate change are threatening the variety of life on earth. Biodiversity provides numerous services that are essential for human well-being, including air and water purification, climate regulation, and medicine and food sources. Various global initiatives aim to protect biodiversity, such as the United Nations’…

Record-breaking heatwave sweeps across the globe, sparking renewed concerns over climate change

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A record-breaking heatwave is sweeping across the globe, breaking temperature records and reigniting concerns about climate change. Europe is currently enduring its hottest June since record-keeping began, with temperatures in France reaching a record 45.9°C. Churu in India also recorded 50°C, the highest ever temperature in the country, while parts of California, Arizona and Nevada have experienced temperatures above 45°C….