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Mission Information

Mission facts!!!
Early detection and improvements in treatment have helped millions of women survive breast cancer. The videos in the collection below explain breast cancer screening and genetic testing, as well as some of the potential side effects of treatment. There are also personal stories from breast cancer survivors. Every topic is covered including sexual side affects of cancer.. ACS Mission at work..We help you understand!!
Cancer videos and testimonials.


Ways to Help Wednesday

If you or someone you know have gone through chemo treatments or surgery and are looking for special products, check out ACS’s “tlc” (Tender Loving Care) publication offering
affordable hair loss and mastectomy products, as well
as, advice on how to use them. Products include wigs,
hairpieces, hats, turbans, breast forms, mastectomy bras,
mastectomy camisoles, and mastectomy swimwear.
Call 1-800-850-9445, or visit the “tlc” website at to order products or catalogs.

Welcome to the New Season of MSABC

We’re starting with our Mission Monday and this week we are focusing on the information on breast cancer that is provided by the American Cancer Society. 

The American Cancer Society’s mission is to save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight for a world without cancer.

*One way your mission is at work is a website about breast cancer information and facts. It’s a huge library of information and treatment.

Breast Cancer Information
*A great resource of information and the different types of breast cancer.

If you have breast cancer..

One of a kind luxury house/club to be auctioned for MSABC in SL


The American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Across Second Life is pleased to present an ultimate luxury home for auction, with all of the proceeds going toward raising funds for breast cancer research.

“We are thrilled that a top designer has chosen to come alongside MSABC to help us make a difference with this unique opportunity,” says Leala Spire, Strides co-lead. “The quality of the build is exquisite. One lucky homeowner will have an ultimate luxury retreat that includes everything, even down to potholders in the kitchen.”

AXL Pro Design has donated their Technozen Acqua House Furnished Easy, priced at L$79,999, for the auction. Creator Slash Hansome has put everything you could possibly think of when it comes to luxe living in this house and club, and Spire encourages shoppers to explore the house, which will be on display starting on Oct 1.

With a footprint of 128 meters by 128 meters and 4,899 prim, the one-of-a-kind modernist home boasts 93 adult menus, which means there are thousands of possible adult animations.

This new Japanese-inspired house has 4 bedrooms, a bar and lounge, private cinema, jacuzzi room, sauna, gym, three lounges, a kitchen, dining room, office, billiard lounge, a garage, two living rooms, balconies, an elevator and a piano lounge — all with adult animations. This house has it all, even down to a security camera system, dishes in the cupboard and fully stocked refrigerators and bars! And, for the bold of spirit, there are even two secret rooms waiting to be found.

The outside is completely landscaped and features an adult swimming pool, dock, gardens, patio, parking, a club and helipad. You can even take a walk along its cliff side and discover a natural trail and scenic overlook. For a sneak preview, check out the photo gallery of the house on Flickr:

You can tour this house starting Oct. 1 through Oct 26. on the Parade of Homes Tour.  Tour HUDs will be available at the Strides office, located on American Cancer Society Island starting Oct. 1:

While touring the home, get your landmark and details on the Auction Party being held on Friday, Oct. 26 and all the info on how you can place your bid.

If you have any questions about the auction or MSABC please contact Leala Spire or Sandie Loxingly.

Strides Walk-a-thon walker registration to open Saturday


Are you ready?

Walker registration is open Saturday — that’s tomorrow!

You can get involved by being either a walker or sponsoring a walker. The registration for sponsors opens this Sunday.

Join us on the walking track from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. SLT on Saturday, Oct. 20 and help fight back against breast cancer. Grab some of your family or friends and create a team of walkers for the day!

Being a walker is easy and fun. Sign up at right here at and collect pledges from your friends and family both in and outside of Second Life. We’ll help you track how many laps around the pink-ribbon track your avatar can make and then you go and collect all those pledges from your supporters!

If you can’t be a walker, you can be a sponsor of a walker. A sponsor can be either an individual or a business. Be sure to check out the sponsor information for more details.

Awards will be presented for Top fundraiser, most laps completed, most sponsors (pledges), and Overall Top Walker. Get the full details about the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk-A-Thon here.

Registrations Open for “Treasure the Chests” Shopping Event

Registrations are now open for the “Treasure the Chests” Shopping event that will run from October 1 through October 31.

There are a variety of shop sizes to choose from- something for every budget! The build will be pirate/ old world theme- but all are welcome to join us.

What would you like to share with the Second Life community? All businesses in Second Life are welcome to participate in this truly unique event! From designers to breedables to SL experiences, there is a place for everyone at the “Treasure the Chests” Shopping Event.

For more details and to claim your spot, please visit the official “Treasure the Chests” Shopping event here.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Sandie Loxingly or Leala Spire.


Whether you or a loved one are worried about developing breast cancer, have just been diagnosed, are going through breast cancer treatment, or are trying to stay well after treatment, this detailed guide can help you find the answers you need. Click on the breast cancer topics below to get started.


About Breast Cancer

What Is Breast Cancer?





The American Cancer Society

Whether you or a loved one are worried about developing breast cancer, have just been diagnosed, are going through breast cancer treatment, or are trying to stay well after treatment, this detailed guide can help you find the answers you need. Click on the breast cancer topics below to get started.

What Is Breast Cancer?

Causes, Risk Factors, and Prevention

Early Detection, Diagnosis, and Staging

Treating Breast Cancer

Talking With Your Doctor

After Treatment

What`s New in Breast Cancer Research?

Other Resources and References

Breast Cancer Information ad Resources

Five Ways to Fight Breast Cancer

source: the American Cancer Society