Can you freeze your eggs before cancer treatment?

How can I preserve fertility before chemo?

Experts recommend freezing embryos or eggs, called cryopreservation, to help preserve fertility for certain females with cancer. It’s important to find a fertility specialist and center that has experience in these procedures. The process of collecting eggs for embryo and egg freezing are the same.

Will insurance cover egg freezing for cancer patients?

For young cancer patients, the cost of storing the eggs or sperm that have been preserved can add up. Even if a state has a fertility preservation law, it typically doesn’t cover those costs, Reinecke said.

Can freezing your eggs cause cancer?

No causal link with cancer and fertility treatments has been identified. An extensive study involving 25,000 women who had taken fertility medications found no increase in cases of breast cancer in women.

Can you freeze your eggs if you have cervical cancer?

Freezing eggs, also known as oocyte cryopreservation, may be a useful fertility-preserving option for women with cervical cancer, especially if treatment includes radiation and chemotherapy, which can damage a woman’s store of eggs.

Does chemo ruin fertility?

Chemotherapy can stop your ovaries from working. This causes infertility, which can be temporary or permanent. It can also bring on the menopause.

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Can you get pregnant while going through chemotherapy?

If you are fertile or think you might be fertile, it’s very important to avoid getting pregnant during chemo. Many chemo drugs can hurt a developing fetus, causing birth defects or other harm. Some can contribute to having a miscarriage.

Is egg freezing deductible 2020?

If you pay for the procedure yourself, you can deduct for medical expenses on your tax return only if you have infertility issues and the storage of the eggs is temporary, the amount exceeds 10% of your adjusted gross income and you itemize your deductions, according to the Internal Revenue Service.

Is egg freezing painful?

All patients will be under anesthesia for about 20 minutes, resulting in a nearly pain-free experience. Upon waking up, patients may feel a little sore, achy, and slight cramping. Most patients take a couple days to recover, while others can take up to a week.

Can you get pregnant naturally after freezing eggs?

Short answer: no, egg freezing won’t lower your ovarian reserve and won’t decrease your chances of getting pregnancy naturally in the future. To understand why, let’s quickly go over the ovulation process. During each menstrual cycle—typically each month—one egg makes it through the whole ovulatory process.

What is the age limit for freezing eggs?

Technically, there is no time limit on egg freezing. Most clinics will try to work with the patient. However, some clinics prefer to stop egg freezing at particular ages, especially over 42.