Is cancer net peer reviewed?

Is cancer net a reliable source?

The official website of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the world’s foremost organization of cancer physicians, Cancer.Net provides easy-to-understand, up-to-date, reliable cancer information, reviewed and approved by oncology experts.

Who created cancer net?

Founded in 1964 by Fred Ansfield, Harry Bisel, Herman Freckman, Arnoldus Goudsmit, Robert Talley, William Wilson, and Jane C. Wright, it has nearly 45,000 members worldwide.

What does ASCO mean in cancer?

Founded in 1964, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, Inc. (the Society) is committed to the principle that knowledge conquers cancer. Together with the Association for Clinical Oncology, ASCO® represents nearly 45,000 oncology professionals who care for people living with cancer.

Are cancers tumors?

What is the difference between a tumor and cancer? Cancer is a disease in which cells, almost anywhere in the body, begin to divide uncontrollably. A tumor is when this uncontrolled growth occurs in solid tissue such as an organ, muscle, or bone.

What are the symptoms of cancer?

Common Signs and Symptoms of Cancer

  • Pain. Bone cancer often hurts from the beginning. …
  • Weight loss without trying. Almost half of people who have cancer lose weight. …
  • Fatigue. …
  • Fever. …
  • Changes in your skin. …
  • Sores that don’t heal. …
  • Cough or hoarseness that doesn’t go away. …
  • Unusual bleeding.
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Who died of cancer in 2019?

Cancer was the second leading cause of death, after heart disease, in the United States in 2019. In 2019, there were 599,601 cancer deaths; 283,725 were among females and 315,876 among males.

Who founded the cancer Society?

The American Cancer Society was founded by John D. Rockefeller.

Who is the CEO of American Cancer Society?

Knudsen, MBA, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, American Cancer Society and American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network.

Who attends ASCO?

To present the results from research studies, cancer researchers attend conferences and share their findings with the broader cancer community, including oncologists, allied health care professionals, patient advocates, survivors, and people with cancer.

Is ASCO 2021 Virtual?

The 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting will be an online only experience, June 4-8, 2021.