You asked: What is the success rate of HIFU for prostate cancer?

What should my PSA be after a HIFU procedure?

After whole-gland HIFU, the mean prostate-specific antigen (PSA) nadir was found to be 0.4 to 1.95 ng/mL and the mean time to PSA nadir was 2.4 to 5.4 months. The rate of positive biopsy after HIFU was 4.5% to 91.1%.

How long do HIFU results last?

HIFU Results are permanent and will continue improving gradually for up to 6 months following treatment. After six months as with any age-defying treatment your skin will naturally continue to age but HIFU can give you a fresher younger looking skin for approximately 12 to 24 months after your treatment.

Does HIFU really work for prostate cancer?

Some men who have focal HIFU have only one area of cancer in their prostate. Other men have more than one area of cancer in their prostate, but some areas are not treated on purpose (see diagram below). The cancer that is not treated is less likely to spread (low-risk cancer) and it may not cause any problems.

What happens after HIFU treatment for prostate cancer?

What Are the Side Effects? HIFU has fewer side effects than many other treatments for prostate cancer. After HIFU, you may have trouble getting an erection, but this usually goes away in time, and medicine can help while you regain this ability.

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Can HIFU be repeated?

HIFU can be repeated, if necessary, without damaging healthy tissue. One treatment with HIFU compared to multiple treatments sessions with radiation therapy/IMRT. Outpatient procedure usually performed in one to four hours.

What can go wrong with HIFU?

HIFU may cause a slight redness to the skin, but this usually disappears within a matter of hours after the treatment. Some people may also suffer from a slight swelling, bruising, tenderness, numbness or tingling sensation.

Does HIFU burn fat?

Nevertheless, HIFU is not a weight loss treatment and does not replace the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise. HIFU cannot shift stubborn pockets of fat or treat obesity in general. It is, however, very effective in reducing the volume of subcutaneous adipose tissue or cellulite.

What is the success rate of HIFU?

Results: HIFU overall success rate was 84% (biochemical relapses in only 4 patients out of 25). Success rate was represented as follows: 94.2% in the low risk group, 83.4% in the intermediate risk group and 0% in the high risk group.

How much does HIFU prostate treatment cost?

The treatment can range in cost from $15,000 to $25,000. HIFU is the latest treatment to prompt concerns over whether there should be limits — such as requiring tracking of results — placed on expensive new technology while additional data is gathered.

Does HIFU have side effects?

The only adverse effects noted were redness and swelling in six of the 20 patients, and two cases of blood spots and bruising. These effects were noted as mild and short-lived.

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