Merchant Guidelines

2017 Treasure the Chests Shopping Event

The Treasure the Chests Shopping Event is a American Cancer Society approved Event which raises money for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Strides is the American Cancer Society’s signature fundraising event, and Strides of SL is one of its virtual counterparts. You can get more information about Strides of SL here:
In addition to the General Guidelines (Click here for General Guidelines) the 2017 Treasure the Chests Shopping Event has specific Merchant Guidelines.


Merchant Shop Guidelines:

Please note that all store sizes are approximate. All merchants will be given a store description in the official 2017 Treasure the Chests Shopping Event Merchant’s Kit, so that you can prepare for the event.

  • All content displayed at the Strides Expo must be rated for general or moderate audiences. Absolutely no adult content depicted in pictures, text or demonstration models. Adult versions of rezzable content may be sold in the exhibit vendors which clearly state the items are adult in nature.
  • Merchant setup will be Tuesday, September 26, 10 am SLT to Saturday, September 30, 9 pm SLT. Sorry, no exception on this.
  • Blogger day will be held on September 30. Please note that it is entirely optional if you wish to have items out for the bloggers to review.
  • Temp rezzers, holo vendors, highly scripted items, announcers, or automatic group joiners or givers are not allowed at the Expo. You are allowed a regular touch group joiner or landmark/notecard giver. Please limit these only one per shop.
  • Shop space is “as is”. No modifications will be made to the shops, this includes texturing, resizing, or dividing.
  • You are free to use prims to cover up texturing inside your shop space only. Any prims used to the cover the walls or floors MUST BE PHANTOM. No exceptions.
  • You are allowed to build or place structures inside your shop space, example if you wanted displays or walls. Any structure(s) MUST BE PHANTOM. No exceptions.
  • The floors of any structure you build on your lot must not be unlinked from the main structure, be made phantom and extend down in the NavMesh at least 4m minimum. You may place an invisi prim on top of the floor but do not link it to anything. Please ask us for assistance if you do not understand how collisions from building floors and pathways work on the SL NavMesh on the ground and how it impacts lag on a sim.
  • When designing your lot space, please be mindful of other’s areas and do not encroach into an adjacent lot.
  • All lot parcels must allow free movement, do not put up high visible or invisible walls or encroachments. Smaller fences and walls are allowed.
  • No waterfall or water features unless they are able to extend down into the NavMesh at least 4m and be made phantom.
  • All items and objects must be rezzed inside your actual shop space. You are not allowed to build underneath your shop or in the sky. All items that are not rezzed in their proper locations will be returned.
  • You must follow the set prim limit for your registration level.
  • Particle machines and/or poofers are not permitted at the Expo.
  • You must join the MSABC Land group in order to rezz your items.
  • To control rezz rights in our group, only two other people, other than the registrant will be given rezz rights. **Please note that terraforming is not allowed at the Event**
  • All doorways to shops must be free and allow for the free movement in and out of the shop.

*All special events at the Event may have additional guidelines and rules that are not listed above.