Strides Boosters

breast-cancer-awareness-heartbooster [boo-ster] – a person or thing that boosts, especially an energetic and enthusiastic supporter.

We are looking for Strides Boosters. Just like defined above. A Strides booster is someone who energetically and enthusiastically supports Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Against Second Life. We encourage you to tell all your friends about what Strides is and our events. We would love for you to post Strides info in your profile.

We are offering a special thing this year…

Anyone who donates a minimum donation of $L2500 lindens to a Strides Kiosk and then sends a copy of the transaction to Leala Spire-Marchant (Leala Spire) on a notecard, will be listed on a special Booster Board located in our Strides office for the next year. Your name will be listed along with our Sim and Event Sponsors on a beautiful board, with gold lettering from October 1st (or the time of your donation) 2018 till September 30th, 2019.

You will also be listed in our 2018 Shopping Guide for our Out Shop Cancer and Parade of Homes Events. As well as on a special Booster Website page.

For more information, contact Leala Spire-Marchant (Leala Spire)