Strides Bloggers

Thank you for your interest in Blogging for the 2019 Out Shop Cancer Shopping Event in support of Making Strides. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is the signature breast cancer fundraiser of the American Cancer Society.

We are currently seeking bloggers for the Out Shop Cancer Shopping events that will run the entire month of October 2019, October 1 – October 31.

We are also looking for general event bloggers who might be interested in helping us spread the word about the annual Strides Walk and the new Pink Power Fest.

All official Out Shop Cancer Bloggers required to:
1. Please feature content from the Out Shop Cancer Event at least THREE times during the month of October.
2. In addition, Please feature specific information about the event in one post right before it opens or the day it opens.
3. Please link to our website ( on your Blog.
4. Please provide slurls for the event in each blog entry and credit to the creators.
5. Join our Flickr group (h and like us on Facebook ( if you use these social media platforms.
6. Spam your posts via any social media platforms you use. Tag the Strides Campaigns and/ or American Cancer Society in SL official page if available.
7. Share your posts in related American Cancer Society in Second Life groups inworld and across other platforms.
8. For other Making Strides Events (ADDITIONAL EVENTS THAT HAPPEN DURING OCTOBER – 2019 STRIDES WALK, PINK POWERFEST, HONOR GALA, ETC) must be posted either the day before or on the day before event start. Information will be provided separately if you opt-in when registering.

To apply to be a 2019 Official Making Strides Against Breast Cancer across Second Life blogger, please complete the application form found here.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Savannahraye Resident  or Kammie2 Resident inworld via notecard.