Best answer: Is p21 a tumor suppressor gene?


Is p21 an oncogene?


First identified in 1993[5,6], p21 is a universal CDKI that causes G1 growth arrest downstream of p53[7,8]. p21 binds to CDKs and inhibits the kinase activity, leading to growth arrest at specific stages in the cell cycle[9,10]. p21 also induces cellular differentiation and senescence.

Does p21 inhibit p53?

Thus, we demonstrated in two different cell lines that p21 was absolutely necessary for downregulating these genes in response to p53 activation. Inhibition of p21 abrogates the ability of p53 to repress its target genes.

What is p21 used for?

Summary. P21 is a cell cycle inhibitor that is involved in essential cellular processes such as cell cycle arrest, apoptosis, and transcriptional regulation, as well as differentiation, senescence, and DNA repair.

What is p53 and p21 genes?

Abstract. In many cell types, p53-mediated growth inhibition is dependent on induction of p21, which is an inhibitor of cyclin-dependent kinases that are required for cell cycle progression. Failure of mutant p53 proteins to transactivate p21 may lead to uncontrolled proliferation.

Is p53 a tumor suppressor gene?

The p53 gene is a type of tumor suppressor gene. Also called TP53 gene and tumor protein p53 gene.

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What is p53 p21 pathway?

The p53/p21 Pathway Plays an Important Role in Cell Senescence of BM-MSCs from SLE Patients. It is reported that the p53/p21 pathway plays an important role in regulated BM-MSCs senescence process.

What do p53 and p21 do?

After DNA damage, p53 activates transcription of the cdk4 inhibitor p21, which mediates a growth-inhibitory function ,(3) . Cells then arrest in the G1 phase of the cell cycle until either DNA damage has been repaired or apoptosis is induced (1 , 3) .

How does p53 interact with p21?

The p53 protein up-regulates (i.e., increases) the expres- sion of at least two genes, p21 and bax, whose encoded products are able to regulate growth arrest and apoptosis. The p53 protein directly induces the expression of the p21 gene (4).

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How is p53 activated?

The tumour suppressor protein p53 is stabilised and activated in response to ionising radiation. This is known to depend on the kinase ATM; recent results suggest ATM acts via the downstream kinase Chk2/hCds1, which stabilises p53 at least in part by direct phosphorylation of residue serine 20.

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How does p21 stop cellular growth?

p21 can inhibit cellular proliferation independent of CDK2 inhibition by inhibiting proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA), which is required for S phase progression. Some of the anti-proliferative activities of p21 rely on its multiple protein–protein interactions and its ability to regulate gene transcription.