Why do so many people on Long Island have cancer?

Does Long Island have a lot of cancer?

Long Island is one of four regions in New York found to have higher-than-expected incidence rates of cancer. The other regions are Warren County in northeastern New York, Staten Island, and an area of East Buffalo and western Cheektowaga in western New York.

Where are the highest cancer rates on Long Island?

Upstate Warren County was chosen because it had the highest incidence rate for all forms of cancer in New York, including brain tumors. East Buffalo and Western Cheektowaga in Erie County had six forms of cancer that had higher than expected rates, state health department data showed.

Does Long Island have a high rate of breast cancer?

Long Island, which lies in the lower right corner of the state, has breast cancer rates that are 10–14% higher than for New York State during the time period 1993–1997.

Where are the cancer clusters on Long Island?

A large cluster in south central Long Island is composed of four local clusters centered on Ronkonkama (11779), Central Islip (11722), Islip Terrace (11752), and East Islip (11730). This cluster has an SMR about 40% higher than the New York state average.

What is the breast cancer rate on Long Island?

County Statistics for Long Island: On Long Island, an average of nearly 2,400 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year.

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Does breast cancer come in clusters?

Many cancers, including breast cancer, are not uncommon and often what may appear to be a cluster of cancer actually may be close to the expected number of cancers in an area (according cancer registry and census data). Even when a cancer cluster is identified, the cancers may not be due to a single factor.